Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My odd-year update (sort of)

Thought I'd change the picture on the top of my blog to reflect the weeds growing around me.  The new pic is from Tensley's baptism, September 2015.  We left and came back to Colorado Springs. All the kids know how to ride bikes now (that's obviously important to any update on this blog). We take occassional family bike rides and they are all getting better at navigating traffic and building their leg muscles.  The boys played a fall season of football, Connor is now in middle school navigating girls and multiple classes.  Orson made his first pinewood derby car but we are still a couple weeks away from the race.  Our pop-up broke on our way back from Virginia. I tried selling it as-is on Craigs with no luck.  I am gonna look into making a utility trailer out of it.  Connor has been camping with the scouts, so at least one of us has been.  The 3 oldest kids just started soccer for the spring. Looking forward to seeing their skills mature.  Sarah has a YMCA membership and the boys did basketball with them and Addie has been doing dance classes.  This fall Sar has already started pre-gaming her career/work options as Addie will be in kindergarten.  That will add a different dynamic to this family that isn't ready for all our kids to be in school.

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